Episode 42: Topical Storm

With Matt away, Anthony invites friends Lance Myxter & Chaz Marler over to guest host.

What could possibly go wrong?

Format be damned!!

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Ep 43-A Marriage Made In Cardboard
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The Cardboard Jungle is a podcast all about tabletop gaming hosted by gaming friends, Anthony Racano, Paul Leoncavallo and Matthew Soares. We hope to give our own spin on board and card games along with some input from our bullpen of contributors. Our goal is to promote the hobby and those individuals who make it up, including designers, publishers, retailers, conventions and other podcasters and bloggers. We love gaming because of all of you and we want give you your proper credit.


We are a proud member of both The Chronic Rift and The Dice Tower networks. 

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The Sheriff of Nottingham is a fun and engaging game for all where each player will have the chance to step into the shoes of the Sheriff himself!  Other players, acting as Merchants will attempt to bring their goods into the city for profit.  Beware though, while many may act as honest merchants, there is always the possibility of contraband being smuggled into the city!

Experience Nottingham in a whole new way! Declare your goods, deal with the Sheriff and secure victory in a fun-filled and exciting adventure!


From The Cardboard Jungle & Arcane Wonders


It's Yellow's turn to be the sheriff and all 4 players have claimed to have 3 bread in their sack. Three of the 4 are being truthful but one is trying to sneak in contraband.


It's up to you to catch them. 





 To enter the contest, simply tweet who you think is lying to us with your choice. (from below)




@CBJPodcast Blue is a dirty stinking liar!! #SheriffOfNottingham @DTEssentials


@CBJPodcast Red is a dirty stinking liar!! #SheriffOfNottingham @DTEssentials


@CBJPodcast Green is a dirty stinking liar!! #SheriffOfNottingham @DTEssentials


@CBJPodcast Purple is a dirty stinking liar!! #SheriffOfNottingham @DTEssentials



One entry per Twitter account...winner will be drawn from all the correct guesses.


Unfortunately due to shipping costs we can only offer this to a winner with a US address.


Contest ends 9/15/14 at 10:00PM EST

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