The Cardboard Jungle Crew

The Cardboard Jungle is comprised of many different personalities who may not always agree on everything, except that gaming is great. 


Anthony Racano, Host

Anthony is married with four kids who he has converted over into gamers...for the most part. Much like the music he listens to, his game collection is very ecclectic. If you asked him what his philosophy on what makes a good game he will tell you that above all else the game should be fun, even if the mechanics aren't perfect. 

Paul Leoncavallo, Co-Host


Paul is too busy running, attending baseball meetings and playing games to write a bio. :p

Matthew Soares, Co-Host



Matt is an avid gamer who enjoys the fun experience of tabletop gaming, and has been a gamer for most of his life (over 20 years). As a child, Matt and his family played family games regularly, and he became more involved with in depth, strategic gaming by way of his cousin. Matt grew up on games, such as Magic the Gathering, Axis & Allies, Risk, Stratego, and Samurai Swords (Ikusa). Eventually, he would get into many other games, and expand his collection and love for gaming of all types. In fact, gaming for Matt serves as a dual-purpose hobby in that he enjoys playing games, and collecting them as well. Matt will play just about any game because having fun in relation to the social aspect of gaming is what matters most for him. His wife, Tina shares this bond of gaming with him that he so lovingly enjoys. As a musician, Matt demonstrates a strong appreciation for artistry, and will often analyze the games he plays for its art form, attempting to look beyond its components and mechanics. Always with a smile, and looking for a good laugh, if you ask Matt to play a game, he is surely to say “Yes!”

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