Playtech Software

Playtech SoftwareThey soon took on their rivals and beat them fairly and squarely at their own game to steal the top spot. Let’s see what makes Playtech tick.


In order to take on the tough competition in the online casino gaming field, Playtech needed to come up with not only with innovative and feature rich software gaming platform, but they went ahead and added a brace of must-have features to their software that their rivals couldn’t match. They introduced features like comp point schemes, VIP rating, real-time access to game and transaction history and tightly controlled anti-fraud tools that enabled them to fight on an even playing field and eventually to stand head and shoulders above the rest very quickly.


What eventually catapulted Playtech way into the lead was the introduction of their unified platform technology. This technology allows both players and operators to create a single user account from where they could access all of their different gaming activities at once.


From the first online casino to adopt Playtechs software platform, Club Dice Casino, they now provide the gaming platform for around 172 online casinos and poker rooms including Casino Tropez, Casino Bellini and the Vegas Red Casino. This along with their floatation on the London Stock Exchange in 2006, makes Playtech easily the king.