FAQ Regarding Reviews


  • How do I get my game reviewed? If you have a game you would like considered for review we ask that you send us an email to with an elevator pitch of the game. If your game sounds like a game we would want to review, we will contact you with what to do next, such as providing you with information as to where to ship a copy of the game to us, or we may ask you for a bit more information. We will try to match your game with the member of the team we believe can best handle your review. If you are willing to send multiple copies of your game for review, your game would receive multiple reviews by the team.


  • Do you accept prototypes for review? Yes we do, if we do not need to assemble it. We will not return prototypes when we complete the process of reviewing the game, so please do not send one you cannot afford to not get back. Prototypes may also include games not yet ready for publishing in which you want to get our opinion on the game for your benefit.


  • Will you show us the review before you post it? The answer to this question will always be, maybe. The circumstance depends on the purpose of the review. If you want to use it for your Kickstarter project page for example, then yes we will, provided the project has not launched yet. However, it does not mean that we will not still post it on our site. Upon reviewing a game, we try to be as kind as we can, but please understand that when sending a game for review, you are asking for someone’s opinion, which may not be the kind of opinion you desire. We will ask you questions regarding rule clarifications, etc. during the process to ensure we are playing it the right way, so you know you are getting a fair shake.


  • Do you charge for a review? Gaming is a passionate hobby of ours; therefore, we do not ever need or desire payment to review a game. It is simply not our style.


  • How long will it take you to post the review? The length of time required to conduct a review depends on numerous factors, including but not limited to, other reviews, family schedule, ability to get the game to the table, ease of play, number of plays necessary, etc. In circumstances of seeking a review for your Kickstarter project, it is important to understand timeliness is important so that the process of reviewing your game is not a rushed endeavor.


  • Will you post your review on Board Game Geek (BGG)? No. The reason we will not post reviews on the BGG site relates to our desire to maintain consistent traffic to our website. We as an entity among the gaming community must have a measurable way to account for site hits to provide game publishers for consideration of game reviews. We do have a blog on BGG that we consistently update when we release reviews, linking it to our website. You are also free to link our review on BGG if you would like. We also post status updates to our Facebook and Twitter accounts when new reviews are posted.


  • Are your reviews only written ones? Currently, we are focusing on written reviews as well as audio mini-reviews as part of our podcast. However, we will be starting video reviews very soon, including a segment to create preview videos for upcoming projects. You can email us for further details.


  • What do you do with the games when you are done with them? We will assume ownership of all games and game materials. We may keep the game in our collection for years to come but there is a chance we may give the game away, sell it, or burn it as a sacrifice to the gaming gods.Please note that we will not be returning or forwarding any prototypes due to time restraints. If you would like us to review your prototype for your Kickstarter project, then please keep this in mind.

If you have any further questions please let us know via email.


Anthony, Paul & Matt

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