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Designed by: Alex and Cole Medeiros


Published by: Gamewright


GUBS: A Game of Wit and Luck, is the tag line that accompanies this kids game, which I very much agree with.   This is an easy to understand and quick game to play with the family.  The object of the game is to play as many GUBS to the table as you can before the letters G, U, and B are drawn from the deck, which ends the game immediately upon the final letter being drawn.


Each player starts with a hand of three cards and one GUB already played to the table.  On your turn you may draw one card and then play as many cards as you want up to the number you have in your hand.  Draw, play, check hand size (no more than 8), and done.  Easy.


Among the cards you can play are GUBS, Traps, Tools, Barricades, Events, Interrupts and Hazards.  As you might imagine all those types of cards can both help you and hinder your opponents.  The key to the game is to protect your GUBS.  If you have a GUB played to the table, it is considered a ‘free’ GUB.  What that means is he is not protected or trapped and can be struck down, stolen, or even flushed away by an opponent.  But, if you were to provide protection to your GUB, like say a Mushroom Barricade (played on top of your GUB), then your GUB is now safe from these types of effects.


Of course that is not the end of it.  Your opponents can get their hands on cards that could remove all your barricades and then play a lure card and pull your GUBS over to his side of the table, spoiling all your well played moves (unless you can interrupt them with something that stops them cold).  They can also play traps on your GUBS which means that GUB no longer counts towards your score until it’s removed.


Once the word GUB is spelled from the cards taken from the draw deck, the game is over and the person with the most free and protected GUBS in his or her area, wins.  Much of the outcome of the game is going to be based on how good your draws are, but there are decisions to be made that prevent the winner being presented blindly.


In the end, this is a game of screw your opponents but in a nice fluffy package.  My 10yr old son likes it a lot, and my 8yr old daughter adores it.  This little gem provides lots of laughs and it quick enough that it doesn’t outstay its welcome.  It’s a game that is impossible to take seriously, making it perfect for its intended audience.


One of the ‘tools’ in the deck is a spear.  You can use the spear to remove a particular type of trap or you can use it to destroy an opponent’s GUB.  Well, it’s always more fun to mess with your opponents, and since this one is a spear, it routinely get thrown at the person it’s being played on adding insult to injury.  Good times.


The art is great and adds to the light-hearted feel of the game.  If you have children under 12, this is a great one to pick up that packs up easy and plays quick.  Bring it to the restaurant, the campground, the cottage, and of course it will always be there for that last 20 minutes before bed time.




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