Winners and Losers

Here we provide a list of some of the most notable winners and losers through the years.


Joseph Hobson Jaggers gained fame in the 1800s as the “man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo” thanks to his discovery at the casino there. He noticed that some of the roulette wheels were biased towards certain numbers and used his skill and this information to win $70,000 in his first day there. Over the next few days he won a further $300,000 until other people started to copy his bets and the casino got wise to the ruse by changing the wheels.


Chris Moneymaker was an unknown when he won $2.5million at the 2003 World Series of Poker with only an entry fee of $40 and a mere three year prior experience playing online.


Pete Rose was one of America’s top baseball players, holding several all-time records in the sport. It came out after he retired that he had bet on his own team and to this day one of the sports leading lights is not recognised in its hall of fame.

Winners and Losers


Peter Swan and David Layne were footballers playing for Sheffield Wednesday in 1965. They bet fifty pounds that the visiting team, Ipswich town would win, which they did, 2-0. Unfortunately, they were taken to court and found guilty of conspiracy to defraud which led to them both beingjailed for 4 months and banned from the game for 10 years, after which tine, their prime playing years were over.


Stuart Wheeler, the multi- millionaire chairman of the IG Group, a spread betting company, bet on a Tory defeat in the 1997 General Election and won 30,000 pounds. The later donated 5 million pounds to the party.


An anonymous player won the largest ever slots machine payout totalling $39,713,982.25 on March 21, 2003. The 25 year old Los Angeles software engineer was playing the Megabucks slot machine at the Las Vegas Excalibur Hotel-Casino and had put $100 into the machine when he hit the jackpot.


Ashley Revell, a 32 year old British man won $270,600 at the Plaza Hotel in Vegas in March, 2004. He placed all of his life savings of $135,000 on “red” at the roulette table and won.


Joseph Hachem from Australia won $7.5 million at the 2005 World Series of Poker after beating largest ever field at this event.


Kerry Packer, the billionaire Australian businessman won in excess of $20 million over a weekend playing baccarat in Las Vegas. It is reported that when he met a Texan oil millionaire with an estimated worth of $50 million, Packer asked if he’d toss for it.


Andrew “Jack” Whittaker Jr won the biggest ever lottery haul of $314.9million from a Powerball lottery in 2002. In stead of taking the 30 annual instalments he chose to take the lump sum which left him with a mere $170million after tax had been deducted.